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FIC: HP Ficlet

Pairing: H/D (::snort:: Like I'd write anything else...except maybe Snape and his hand and a memory of Lucius...hmmm....)
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I make no claims to these characters. They are the property of JK Rowling and Scholastic. I just like to take them and play with them. Summary: Harry and Draco are stuck in the Hospital Ward on New Year's Eve. Chocolate and naughty thoughts are involved.
Notes: This fic would not exist without valderie. Not only did she beta it but she was on the other end of the phone while I was trapped in the hospital. Without her I would not have had someone to beg to write me a h/d fic to make me feel better. Between her, my insane mind and being stuck in a hospital bed for 4 days, this fic was created. It's amazing what my brain comes up with when I'm being ignored by nurses and need something to entertain me. I asked her to write a fic involving hospital beds, chocolate and restraints. She declined (but she did start me a non-smutty one) so I took it upon myself. The restraints didn't make it in but that bunny's still there.
Note the Second: I took some liberties with Wood and decided that he's captain material. ;)
FB: I'll bake you cookies if you feed me... :D

It was the incessant mumblings of some unknown melody that eventually brought Draco Malfoy out of his semi-conscious state. Blinking in the dark he turned his head to take in his surroundings and winced as pained laced through his head.
Ahh, right. The bludger, he thought to himself. He and his housemates had played a "friendly" pick-up of Quidditch against Gryffindor earlier in the day and he had been taken out by a bludger near the end. He smirked to himself-it was worth it. The look on Potter's face when he had grabbed the snitch from underneath the Boy Who Lived to Annoy's nose was worth any and every bit of pain. The initial noise that had awoken him was still going and he turned sharply to the culprit. Harry Potter was laying upside down on his bed singing to himself. Something about bugs on walls. Whatever it was it was bloody annoying.
"For Merlin's sake, Potter. Would you shut up?"
Harry just continued to stare at the ceiling and sing. After Draco's rebuke though it suspiciously became louder, "Poor little bug on the wall. No one to love him at all. No one to wash his clothes, no one to tickle his toes. Poor little bug on the wall."
"Really, Potter, that's touching but if you don't shut up I'm going to hex you from here to next Thursday."
At that Harry's singing did stop but only to respond dryly, "with what wand?"
Draco looked around and realised that his wand was in fact gone. The pain in his head wasn't though. Thanks to his moving around-which was of course, Potter's fault-the pain had worsened. He made an attempt to sit up but fell back against the pillow and gave a little groan. This was not good. His head hurt, he lacked a wand and he was stuck in the hospital wing with The Boy Who Was the Cause of All His Problems while the rest of his house-and school-mates partied the night away in the Great Hall for New Years.
Potter stopped singing once again when he heard Draco groan. "There's a potion beside your bed to help the pain," he offered.
Draco looked beside his bed and saw the glass sitting on the table. He eyed it warily. Who knew how long Potter had been awake. He could have tampered with it. Harry noticed the Slytherin's hesitancy, "you know, as much as I'd like you dead, I wouldn't resort to taking you out when you're already down. Unlike some people, I have standards."
Draco rolled his eyes but reached for the potion beside him, "right, you little Gryffindors and your courage and ethics. Spare me." He gulped the potion down and grimaced at the taste. "Blegh. This stuff is nasty. Where's Pomfrey? I need a real drink."
"She's in the Great Hall. You know where everyone else is. Celebrating. New Year's. Like we'd be doing if you hadn't gotten us into this mess." Harry replied.
Draco sputtered indignantly, "me? How the hell is this my fault. Face it, Potter, you're just mad you lost." He smiled smugly to himself as he once again thought of the look on Potter's face.
"I would hardly say I lost. Sure you stole the snitch from under me but who saved your arse? Oh right. Me."
"Stole? Dry up, Golden Boy, you just can't face the fact that you lost. As for saving my arse, I can assure you, I have never needed it saved. Especially not from you." He frowned as the sentence came out of his mouth. He hadn't meant for it to sound that way.
Harry craned his head off the edge of the bed to stare at the blonde, "do you remember anything other than stealing the snitch from me?"
"For the last time, Potter, I did not steal the snitch from you. It's not my fault that you were too busy watching Hogwarts' guest of honour, Mr. Captain of Puddlemere United himself, Oliver Wood. Although he does have a fine arse. But still, not my fault. If you'd paid as much attention to the snitch as you did to him then maybe you wouldn't have lost."
The dark-haired young man blushed. He had been paying more attention to Oliver but it wasn't his fault. In the few years since Harry had last seen him the young Keeper had gotten even more sexy…he hadn't thought that possible. His features were even more chiselled now, his body tight and toned. And he had been wearing a gray turtleneck jumper, much like the one he had worn when Harry had first developed a crush on him.
A tightening in his groin pulled him back to his senses. There was no point mulling over Wood. He was hot, yes, but he had no life outside of Quidditch. And beside, this wasn't about Wood or Harry, this was about Draco-whom the Gryffindor noticed had a smug smile on his face at Harry's silence.
"Regardless of where my attentions lay, Malfoy, I still saved your pathetic arse. One bludger to the head and you were down. Thanks to me you've only got a sore head, not a broken body."
"Oh." Eloquent, Draco, real eloquent. "Well, why are you in here then?"
"Because I served as a cushion between you and the hard ground."
"Right." Again with the eloquence. Fuck, Potter and his need to save everybody. He couldn't just let me succeed once. No, he has to somehow come out on top. He glared at Harry as he talked to himself in his head. Harry, for his part, didn't seem to notice. He just stared at Draco while humming quietly to himself, his feet kicking in tune. It was sort of cute. Wait a minute, did I just associate cute with Potter. Oh Merlin, I think the bludger did some damage. He snuck another peek at the young man across the way. He had to admit, Potter had come into his own quite nicely. The summer before his final year he had grown so that, while he wasn't as tall as the Weasel or Draco himself, he was still a decent height, with a slim but strong frame. His once unruly hair now just looked sexily touseled and his green eyes smouldered behind tiny, stylish frames. Not to mention, his arms and hands that constantly caught Draco's attention in Potions as they cut up ingredients. So long and lean, the veins showing slightly but not too much. And his ass. Oh god. The blonde man wanted to worship it. He had found himself literally restraining from touching the Gryffindor's ass whenever he walked by. He swore Potter sashayed by him on purpose. He grimaced as he felt the blood rush to his groin. Just what he needed, another thing for Potter to hold over him. He had to distract him somehow.
"Well, thanks." That wasn't much better but it might shut Potter up since he appeared quite shocked at hearing Malfoy express gratitude-if Potter's guppy-like expression on his face was anything to go by. It was rather cute how his mouth kept opening and closing. No, I just did not bloody well associate cute with that snivelling do-gooder of a Gryffindor. Oh, look, his forehead's all creased. It's so-no! I think the bludger did more damage than originally thought.
Potter was staring at him curiously at the moment and Draco couldn't help but think that all he wanted was to get out of this blasted room and into his own room where he could have a nice, private wank. If Harry didn't stop staring at him soon he was going to explode…both figuratively and literally.
"Well, when's Pomfrey coming back?" he snapped, "I want to go back to my room."
The dark-haired Gryffindor quirked an eyebrow at the suddenly snarky tone, "according to the note, we were to take the potion beside our bed and then spend the night here. Apparently we need rest and she doesn't trust us in our own dorms." He sighed, "this sucks. It's New Year's Eve and I'm stuck in here, bored out of my tree, with you."
"Right, because it's so much better for me, Potter." Draco shifted uneasily in his bed, "and my head still bloody hurts."
Harry lifted his head up from the pillow, "there's some chocolate in the cabinet across from your bed. Pomfrey said we could have some if we needed it."
At this Draco sat up quickly in bed, a gleam in his grey eyes. Harry noted that the pale Slytherin seemed to have a renewed…sparkle. Who knew that Draco Malfoy of all people would have a soft spot for chocolate? Harry couldn't help but notice Draco's lithe form as he literally bounded out of bed towards the cabinet for his chocolate fix. Desire pooled in his belly and he felt himself harden as he watched the blonde's eyes close in decadent delight, as Draco tasted the sweet candy. It was positively sinful the way the boy was eating it. He would break a piece off, hold it gently-almost reverently-between his index finger and thumb and then place it in his mouth where he'd leave it to melt. All the while Draco's head was tipped back seductively so Harry could see his throat muscles working as he swallowed the melting confection. Harry's now noticeable erection twitched as he imagined Draco's throat muscles working at swallowing his cock. He could clearly picture the blonde's lips, the once pale pink replaced by a deep red as Draco worked over his cock. Harry gave a silent groan as the images flashed through his mind.
Draco, meanwhile, was in heaven. He had a weakness for chocolate and the fact that it took away the lingering pain in his head was simply a bonus. Not to mention, his little display was having the desired effect on Harry. Out of the corner of his eye, Draco noticed the hitch in Harry's breathing and the way the brunette was now shifting on the bed, tugging at the blankets to cover his apparent fondness for Draco's snacking on the sinfully delicious treat. Now for the clincher, he thought smugly. Splaying his hand out he took his index finger into his mouth and gently sucked. He heard Harry gasp as he sucked at his finger a little more roughly, his cheeks hollowing as he pulled the digit into the cavern of his mouth. He slowly turned his head toward the Gryffindor sitting across the way from him. A sly grin crossed his face as he noted the flushed cheeks of his roommate.
"Like what you see, Potter?" he asked. Staring directly at Harry, Draco held his thumb in front of his mouth and slowly licked around it, removing any remnants of the chocolate he'd previously held there. Harry gulped audibly as he saw the blonde's pink tongue dart out and lave a path down the slender digit.
"So, Potter," Draco asked with a smirk, "are you still a bored bug looking for someone to lick your toes?" His smirk faltered as his attempted seduction failed and he received a baffled look from the dark-haired Gryffindor rather than a look of lust.
Harry stared at Draco, "lick my toes? I think you just killed the mood, Malfoy."
Draco glared at the brunette, "you're the one that was singing that horrid song. You're the one who was singing about having nobody to lick your toes. Not like I'd do that." He gave an overdramatic shudder, "your feet have touched muggle things. I don't do tainted."
Harry glared back at Draco, "well then you're little hand sex scene was for naught as I'm pretty sure the whole 'raised by muggles' has tainted my entire being.' By this point the Gryffindor was standing beside his bed, his body rigid with anger. Draco had never seen him so passionate.
The blonde smirked at Harry, "Relax, Potter, I'm willing to overlook your unfortunate upbringing." Like I really give a fuck about your upbringing, Potter. Just stay pissed off…I've never seen you look so hot. He ran his eyes up and down Harry's body, a hungry look in his storm grey eyes. Oh yes, pissing his peer off was well worth it.
Harry was about to reply to Malfoy's blithely uttered remark when he noticed the way the blonde was staring at him. He was literally devouring him with his eyes. Eyes that usually appeared a dull grey but were now a molten silver colour and darkened by passion. Harry's anger fled and was replaced by desire. Desire that spiralled through his body and pooled in between his thighs. He could feel himself hardening as he watched Malfoy's examination of him. Fuck it, he thought to himself. He walked toward the blonde, making sure to swish his hips a little. He knew it drove Draco crazy-he saw that every time he walked by his classmate in the hall.
Draco watched as the anger left Harry and was replaced by hungry lust. Oh, yeah, I'm good. He watched as the brunette sashayed over to him. I knew it. The little bugger has been doing it on purpose. He swallowed difficultly as Harry approached. Putting aside his slight nervousness he plastered a smirk on his face, "what, Potter, no scathing reply? No heroic cries of how I'm evil and out to ruin the world? No-" whatever he was going to say was cut off as Harry leaned in and covered Draco's mouth with his own. Fucking right, was the only thought running through the blonde's mind as he felt Harry's tongue glide over his lips, gently seeking entrance into the Slytherin's mouth. Harry, for his part, ignored the voice in his head screaming about how wrong the situation was. Rather, he focussed on how right it felt to hold Draco, to feel his mouth on his. It's a fine line between love and hate, apparently he thought to himself as he surrendered to his desire.

© CKN 2004
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