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Original (Slash)

This is unbetaed so any mistakes are mine. This was written on the plane ride home from Cuba as a pressie for bumblebee who asked me to write her smut while I was on vacation.

Inspirations: English and Canadian Flight Attendents who really were stuffy and saucy. ;)
Canadian attendent sashaying down the aisle asking, "tea?"
That little handle I saw on the wall in the kitchen gave me far too many naughty iders for my own good.
Word Count: 1, 294
Rating: NC-17

James’ stomach flip-flopped as the plane ascended into the air. Fifteen years he’d been a flight steward and yet his heart still caught during take-off. He grimaced a bit at the thoughts running through his head and looked around for something to do. His eyes locked with the occupant of the fold away seat in front of him—Cais, “call me anything but Cai and I’ll castrate you” Montague, a 32-year-old vivacious young man. The blonde Canadian winked saucily at James, “you’re looking like you need a bit of a distraction, yeah?” His pink tongue flicked out to suggestively—and yet innocently—lick his full lips.

James tried to ignore Cai but it was rather difficult—he was just so delectable. Except that Cai seemed to exist to make James’ life a living hell. Canadians were supposedly reserved but the winks, subtle gropes, whispered innuendos and “accidental” run-ins proved that rumour to be quite untrue. Cai took great delight in making James squirm. He was constantly teasing the brunette, referring to him as an “uptight Brit.” Cai’s favourite activity was to tell James that he needed to remove the pole from his ass…and replace it with something else—wink-wink-nudge-nudge. Yes, Cai liked to torment—and James always replied the same way—with a tight smile and a dismissive look. But he didn’t know how long he could continue the charade. The more time he spent with Cai, the greater his lust grew. It was as if Cai ignited something inside him and the flame only grew stronger.

Cai was still waiting for James to reply but the Brit said nothing. Instead he just stared at the blue-eyed Canuck. Cai seemed a bit surprised at the passion smouldering in James’ eyes and quickly changed the subject, “well, I think we’re good to serve drinks now…” With that he hastily undid his seat belt and set about getting the drink tray arranged in the cramped space.

James smirked triumphantly, You’re playing with fire, boy and you’re about to get burned, he thought. He smiled at Cai—a wicked smile that Cai had never seen cross the Brit’s face—and got up to prepare the cart, “Yes, let’s get this…prepared.” The emphasis he put on the word made his thoughts clear.

Cai’s eyes lit up as he realised what James was playing at. He lowered his eyelashes seductively and positively purred his response, “shall I serve the tea then?”

James swallowed difficultly as Cai picked up the silver platter with cream and sugar on it and the chrome-coloured teapot and pirouetted to face the aisle. He winked over his shoulder and started sashaying down the aisle. At every seat he held up the teapot and tray and queried in a positively sinful voice, “tea?”

James willed his burgeoning erection down as he watched the object of his lust swish his hips down the cramped aisle. When that didn’t work he pressed himself closely to the drink cart and made his way down the aisles, trying to ignore the delightful friction the close contact caused. When he wasn’t serving drinks he kept his eyes trained on Cai…whenever their eyes locked James expression made it clear that Cai was going to pay for his actions. Drinks were soon done and the plane was silent as its passengers listened to the in-flight movie or slept—the beauty of Red Eyes.

Cai’s back was to James when James entered the back. The blonde whipped around as he heard the heavy curtain being ripped across its track. James quickly ensured that the curtain was secure before he advanced on Cai. Cai was soon pressed up against the metal counter, his pale neck being ravaged by the lusty Brit. He shivered as James ran his tongue around the rim of Cai’s ear and whispered seductively into it, “You wanted to play, boy? Let’s play, but prepare to be burnt.”

Cai’s giggle at being called “boy” (32 years old but apparently James felt old at 40…) was cut off as James leaned into him, their erections pressing deliciously together through the thin material of their uniform trousers. He groaned quietly, his entire body feeling like it was on fire. James’ mouth fused to his and Cai eagerly parted his lips as he felt his lover’s probing tongue.

James manoeuvred the two of them to a nearby wall and pressed Cai against it. Giving him one last vicious kiss James flipped the Canadian around and pulled the man’s shirt off, pressing wet, heated kisses along Cai’s back. Pulling back, James quickly removed his shirt and undid his trousers. He snaked a softly calloused hand around Cai’s waist and slipped it into the younger man’s trousers. He grasped Cai’s throbbing cock and moved his hand up and down teasingly, spreading the crystalline drops at the tip. He pulled Cai’s trousers down with his other hand and then wrapped his free arm around Cai’s chest, tugging lightly at his nipples. Giving a last tug to the blonde’s erection, James removed his hand. Cai groaned and his head fell back onto James’ shoulder, “please,” he whispered.

“Shh,” James said nothing else but lifted his slightly sticky hand to Cai’s mouth. He traced the lush lips, “open up,” he whispered heatedly.

Cai opened his mouth obediently and moaned as James slipped two fingers inside. The eroticism of tasting himself on the Brit’s fingers made his cock twitch and his stomach clench. He spread his legs in a silent hint. James took the hint and removed his pre-cum and saliva coated fingers from Cai’s mouth. He slipped the digits into Cai’s tight but willing body. His free hand drew soothing patterns on the blonde’s chest. He added a third finger and scissor-ed them, brushing Cai’s prostate. A whimpered, “oh fuck, please,” was the only response. Cai moaned yet again as James removed his fingers but said nothing as he watched the brunette over his shoulder. His cock throbbed as he saw James roll a condom on slowly, the passion in his eyes making it quite clear that he knew the effect he was having on Cai.

James nodded at Cai and the Canadian answered the unspoken request by lowering himself to the ground and taking the older man’s thick erection into his mouth. He moved up and down at a relatively quick pace, lubricating James’ cock. James groaned as Cai licked and nibbled lightly around the un-cut tip. He pulled Cai up swiftly. Turning him around so that he was again facing the wall, James gave a quick nip to the blonde’s delectable neck. He entered Cai suddenly and again groaned as his cock was surrounded by tight heat. He paused in an effort to control himself but when Cai clenched around him, he set a brutal pace. Their bodies slapped together and echoed in the tiny room, and Cai grabbed the handle on the wall to steady himself, desire spiralling through his body and pooling in the pit of his belly.

“Fuck,” he ground out as James reached a hand around to grasp Cai’s painfully hard erection. As James pounded into him, each stroke brushing his prostate, he felt his desire peaking. When James grabbed Cai’s hand from the wall and placed it on the Canadian’s cock, he lost it. Together they brought Cai to completion and as he clenched around James’ shaft, the Brit felt his orgasm rushing through his body. He gave a few, rushed thrusts until he felt his desire pour out of him. He collapsed against Cai, their sweaty bodies sticking together. Cai turned his head and fused their mouth together. Pulling away with a last lick to James’ lips, he winked at the older man, “remind me to play with fire more often.”

© CKN 2004
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