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Title: In A Little While
Pairing: RPS: EW/OB
Summary: In the words of my beta, "Orlando Bloom contemplates the frustration of Hollywood relationships"
Rating: PG 13. Mix a pinch of angst with a dash of sap and this is the result.
AN: Credit to valderie for the editing and the summary. ♥
AN2: For jenish ::squish::

Lean fingers beat a staccato tune on a bent knee as Orlando Bloom checked his watch for what felt like the millionth time in ten minutes. Time was passing far too slowly and the day seemed to never end. His flight was now half an hour past the expected landing time, which didn’t help his nerves. He peered blearily out the window into the inky blackness. Below him the twinkling lights of London beckoned teasingly. He just wanted to crawl into bed. Everything hurt right down to his eyeballs. Press junket after press junket; multiple “exclusive” interviews and endless photo ops had sapped his energy. Jerry had said that they’d be done one week ago but it seemed like every day there was “just one more.”

The last time he’d called Elijah, the greeting wasn’t, “missed you, man,” or a seductively soft, “hey.” No, it was a voice tinged with disappointment and frustration saying, “now when?” Orlando had done his best to sound upbeat about the third flight change but hadn’t been too convincing.

The plan had been simple: finish the press tour one week ago Friday and fly out to London for a two-week holiday. Elijah, finished shooting for the time being, was set to meet him Saturday morning. But things rarely went as planned. And now Elijah had been stuck in London for one week while Orland had been making appearances across North America.

He shifted uncomfortably in his seat as he thought of he and Elijah’s last conversation. Orlando had promised that he really was coming home tonight but he could tell Elijah didn’t believe him. And he was clearly pissed off. His comments had all been one worded and terse, ending with, “I have a life, too, you know. I came here for you—I can’t wait around forever.” It wasn’t directly said but the implication was clear. Orlando had replied, half pleading, half consoling, “I lo—“ but had been cut off by Elijah, “love me, I know.” A sigh from the other end, “I love you too, you prat. We’ll talk about it later.” And that had been it.

For two days “we’ll talk about it” had been floating around in the Brit’s head. Was this it? Was there hope? Orlando snorted softly, could he sound anymore like a soap opera?

The plane landed smoothly and he began to gather his effects. He’d texted Elijah half an hour ago when the plane had begun its descent but didn’t expect to hear back. Particularly since it was 12:30 BST: Elijah was probably at a club or asleep at home. That is, if he was still at home. “Pull it together, mate,” he silently berated himself, “after five years this is not going to end it.” Despite his inner pep talk, the knot in his stomach did not dissipate. Five years, yes, but five years of rushed moments together, interrupted phone calls, cross-country phone sex, and worst of all, lies. It seemed like a never-ending web of lies that got thicker every year. Just this morning he’d been regaling journalists with a description of his love for his “girlfriend”…if they only knew. Sighing rather melo-dramatically, he hauled his bag off the overhead rack and trudged off the plane.

Forty-five minutes later he pushed himself through the herd of people leaving customs. Brown eyes flicked briefly at the crowd of people waiting. Not really paying attention, he pulled his cap lower on his head and headed through the throng of people. He stopped when he got to the edge of the crowd. He opened his mouth to speak and then closed it, not really sure what to say. Elijah was standing there, a wry grin on his face, hands shoved into the pockets of his well-worn jeans.

“You just gonna stand there and block traffic all night or what?”

A cheeky grin spread across Orlando’s face, “or what.” And he dropped his bags and grabbed the smaller man in a bear hug. He nuzzled the smooth neck, “I’m so glad you’re here.”

Elijah’s slim frame shook with laughter, “dude, we’re in the middle of Heathrow.”

“Ahduncar,” was the muffled response from the face attached to his neck. Orlando continued to blatantly nuzzle the smaller man, seemingly ignorant of the crowd around them.

“Ew! Did you just lick my ear?”

Orlando flashed puppy dog eyes at Elijah, “Didn’t you miss me?”

Elijah quirked an eyebrow at the other man, “Yeah, but dude, my ear?”

Orlando bent his head lower and whispered huskily in Elijah’s ear, “Well, when we’re home, I’ll endeavour to aim lower, hmm.” He nipped the man’s ear, stepped back and gave the young man and expectant look, “well, are we going to go…or what?”

Elijah glared, “prat. Yes, we’re going. Don’t think you’re off the hook though. You can’t buy me off with sex.”

Orlando grinned, feeling energetic and relaxed once again, his previous concerns gone. Just seeing Elijah calmed him down. They would work it out, they always did. Elijah was still half-heartedly glaring at him; he leaned down and smacked a kiss on his cheek: “I know. Doesn’t mean I won’t try though.” He turned and sauntered off, enjoying the surreptitious way Elijah adjusted himself as he walked beside Orlando.

CKN © 2006

Title: Off the Hook (follow up to In A Little While)
Pairing: RPS: EW/OB
Summary: Wherein naughtiness ensues.
Rating: R
AN: Squishes and thanks to valderie for the editing. ♥
AN2: For jenish ::squish:: Enjoy, my lovely.
AN3: For those not familiar with London black cabs, there are two rows of seats that face each other. :)

They slid into the black cab, facing each other but not saying anything. Elijah’s cheeks were slightly flushed; his eyes were unfocussed as he stared out the window. Between the bulge in blue jeans and the pink tongue that kept darting out to lick dry lips, Orlando could tell that Elijah was thinking about Orlando’s promise in the airport.

He watched as, unconsciously, one hand slipped onto his crotch, lean fingers massaging his erection. The flush on his cheeks had spread down his neck and Orlando groaned silently.

“So Lij,” he started, his voice coming out huskier than intended, “How was your week? Been keeping busy…on your own?” His eyes flicked deliberately down.

Rather than look embarrassed, Lijah shamelessly let his legs fall open and he cupped himself. That pink tongue darted out again but rather than quickly wet the lush lips, it made a slow seductive circle. Elijah’s wide blue eyes bore into Orlando’s and he swallowed, his throat dry.

“Yeah, I’ve been flying solo but it’s been a nice change. Had a couple offers but nothing too tempting. ‘Course, after awhile, another hand is useful.”

Jealousy flared and Orlando grit his teeth. Yes, Elijah was taunting him but he also knew that Elijah wasn’t lying. Hmph, he’d show him “another hand.” He scooted across the aisle, pressing himself against the other man. One hand slipped down, covering Elijah’s.

“Not too tempting, eh?” He bent his head, his mouth hovering against the top of Lij’s ear, “that would imply that there was a bit,” he batted Elijah’s hand away and squeezed slightly, “care to tell me about it?” He continued to massage Elijah while placing light kisses along the side of his neck.


“I’m sorry”—nip—“I didn’t catch that”—lick. He deftly flicked open the top button of Elijah’s jeans, the zipper sounding ridiculously loud in the cab.

“N-nothing really. Just the guy you hired to renovate the kitchen.”

Orlando slipped his hands in Elijah’s jeans. He stroked the hard shaft in a teasingly slow pace. His hand was cramping from the awkward angle but that little bit of sweat at Elijah’s temple made it worthwhile. He licked it.

“Dude? Did you just lick my sweat? That’s sick. I think you just killed the mood.”

Orlando hummed in demented agreement, “you love it.” He brushed his thumb against the slit and Elijah convulsed, “tell me about him.”

“H-he liked to work in really low riding jeans and a wife beater.”

Orlando lifted his hand, “is that it?”

Elijah nodded his head erratically but Orlando could see the tell tale signs of a lie by the pink tips of Lij’s ears. He twirled a finger lazily around the throbbing tip of Elijah’s erection, “no,” he drawled, “I think you’re not telling me everything.” He started to withdraw his hand and Elijah whimpered softly. His hand shot out and grabbed Orlando’s retreating one, “don’t you dare, you kinky bastard. Finish what you started.”

Orlando grinned, “then finish telling me about the contractor.”

“Fucker,” the other man ground out. “I offered him a beer yesterday because it was hot in the flat—fuuuuuuck,” Orlando had resumed stroking Lij’s erection, occasionally brushing against his sensitive balls. “Fuck, God, harder, you tease.” Orlando gave him a look and he tried to roll his eyes, but gasped instead as Orlando began adding pressure to his strokes.

“Fine. I gave him a beer and as he was drinking, a little bit missed his mouth and slid down to his collarbone. Accidentally.” Orlando snorted, accident his arse. “The cock-tease just said oops and ‘got a lick?’ Orlando growled and Elijah’s cock pulsed in his hand at the sound.

“Fuck, Orli, I wanted to shove him against the wall and pound his ass.” The other man’s hand tightened painfully and Lij groaned, “Oh, please, you would’ve too if you’d seen him.” Orlando’s hand squeezed threateningly. Elijah let out a strangled groan, “Please, you sick fuck. Just the thought of my fucking some other guy while you watch makes you come in your pants.” His hand shot out and roughly pawed Orlando’s erection, which tented the loose pants he was wearing.

Orlando leaned down and tugged harshly on Elijah’s earlobe, “Fantasy’s one thing. If he tried anything I’ll rip his balls off.” Despite the fact that he was moments from release, Elijah laughed. He batted his eyes at Orlando, “Worried about my virtue?”

Orlando growled, “The only one who’s allowed to fuck your virtue is me.”

Elijah half-heartedly whacked the other man’s chest, “You do know how to romance a man. Neanderthal.”

Orlando smacked a kiss against Elijah’s clammy temple and deftly slid a finger under Elijah’s perineum. Elijah gasped, “fuck, Orli, I’m—“

Orlando grinned and corkscrewed his hand, bending down to gently blow against the widening tip. A strangled groan from Elijah and the tightening of his slim thighs was all the warning Orlando needed. He slid his lips over the tip of Elijah’s erection and swallowed the man’s release, continuing to fist his erection. Once finished, he sat up and licked his lips, very much resembling a cat with a bowl of cream.

Elijah lay boneless against the seat. Noting Orlando’s triumphant smirk, he blearily cracked open an eye further, “You’re still not off the hook yet, you know.” Orlando merely grinned more widely, “I know.” Lij turned his head, “you missed a spot.” He dragged his tongue up Orlando’s chin, catching a dribble of his own release. The other man sucked in a breath and gave a whispered, “fuck.”

The younger man sealed his mouth over Orlando’s and pushed the drop of come into the man’s mouth. Orlando groaned into the kiss and pulled away, gasping quietly, “fuck, that was porny!”

Elijah grinned, “Wasn’t it? What can I say? I’m feeling porny.” And with that he slipped to the floor, deftly pulled down Orlando’s tracksuit bottoms and took his erection into his mouth.

Orlando was making a choking sound above him, which Elijah took as a good sign. One hand worked the bottom of his penis, while the other fondled his balls. Lij pulled off with an obscene popping noise and licked his lips; he grinned wickedly at Orlando, “Wonder what the cabbie thinks is happening back here.” Orlando’s cock pulsed in Elijah’s hand at that comment. Elijah grinned and keeping his eyes locked with Orlando’s, he ran his tongue up the underside of his erection, making sure to spend extra time on his sensitive slit.

Orlando’s cheeks were flushed and white teeth bit down on a plump lower lip in an effort to not make any noise. Lij once again took the head into his mouth. He swirled his tongue around the tip, once again teasing the slit, which he knew drove Orlando mad. Who was currently thumping his head against the seat, “fuck, Lij.”

Lijah smirked around Orlando’s erection. He’d had one week of hanging around and had needed something to do. He relaxed his throat muscles, took a deep breath through his nose and inhaled Orlando’s cock, making sure his hands were firmly holding Orlando’s thighs down

“Fuck!” Orlando spasmed in his seat and practically doubled over. Wide eyed, he looked at Lij, “where’d you learn to do that?”

“You’ve got some interesting books lying around your flat,” was the cheeky reply.

Orlando melted against the seat. His things were shaking and his erection was an angry red colour, crystalline drops of pre-come oozing slightly from the tip.

Lij leaned forward and once more carefully deep throated the other man, one arm restraining him, the other gripping the bottom of his cock. A strangled moan escaped Orlando’s mouth, “Fuck, Lij, I’m gonna come.”

Elijah felt Orlando’s balls tighten and the slit expand. He pulled off as Orlando’s orgasm hit, his release shooting into the air and into his lap. The look of shock on Orlando’s face was priceless and Elijah attempted to conceal his laughter.

“What the fuck was that for?” Orlando demanded, “You give me the blowjob of a lifetime and then don’t finish?”

Elijah primly tucked Orlando back into his pants and pretended to dab his mouth. Sliding into the opposite seat he gazed out the window, ignoring the other man, “Oh look! We’re home.” He leaned forward, pressed a chaste kiss against Orlando’s mouth and then leaped out of the cab, chuckling rather sadistically to himself. Orlando sat in the seat, his cheeks flushed with both arousal and annoyance, “what the fuck, ‘Lij?!” Elijah poked his head back into the cab and arched an eyebrow at the other man, “I told you you weren’t off the hook.”

© CKN, 2006
Tags: ew/ob, lotr
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