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FIC: HP Drabble

Pairing: D/Harry's trousers
Rating: Hard R?
Disclaimer: I make no claims to these characters. They are the property of JK Rowling, Scholastic, et. al. I just like to take them and play with them.
Summary: Draco thinks about Harry...and uses Harry's trousers to assist him in his daydreaming.
Notes: As usual, many thanks go out to valderie who reviewed this and commented with, "how do you compliment smut?" Followed by, "oh. this is hot." See why I luff her?!

He eased himself into the foreign trousers, their rough material feeling strange but erotic on his soft skin. He left them undone so that they sat low on his sharp hipbones and fell to the tops of his feet. Sliding a hand down his stomach, he grasped his aching cock. He spread the drops of crystal fluid from the tip and fell into a steady but teasing rhythm. With his other hand, he gently fondled his heavy sacs, desire spiralling throughout his body. As images of flashing emerald eyes filled his head, he came, his obsession's name torn from deep within, "Potter!"

© CKN 2004
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