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Fic: LotR (RPS)

Pairing: EW/DM
Rating: PG
Summary: Elijah listens to the benefits of doubt's 'Man for the Night' and is inspired. Much sappiness ensues. No really, you're liable to get a cavity from the sugary fluff of this ficlet. :D
Notes: This was written in a bar whilst listening to the above mentioned band/song and writing a letter to elouisa about 6 months ago. It's ridiculously fluffy but that was my mood that night, I guess. ;) As usual, thanks go to valderie who skimmed this, despite her distaste for the sap. :D Also, I just realised that if you google the band, this is liable to pop up. oh dear. I fear they'll kill me...they know I write smut, they just don't realise what type. o_O. ::whistles innocently::

The sun was just beginning to set as Elijah pulled his Mini into the private parking of his West Village brownstone. The sinking sun cast the cityscape into a rainbow of pinks, oranges and reds. His admiration though was short-lived as the chilly January weather bit through his Naval-style coat. He walked briskly but in time to the beat in his head as a song from the new CD he’d recently purchased played in his mind.
Walking into his flat, he saw Dom lounging on the couch reading. He was folded up with the magazine balancing on his knees while his right hand was resting on his head, mussing his already ruffled hair. There was a quiet, calm air about him—an air often seen by Elijah but not by the public—as he nibbled his lower lip in concentration. Elijah couldn’t help but think about how much he’d like the Brit to be nibbling something else.
Taking off his coat and jumper determinedly and kicking his shoes off to the side, he strode towards his boyfriend. Dom looked up with a startled expression as Elijah pulled the Brit’s legs down and straddled him.
“Lij—“ whatever Dominic was going to say was lost in the sweet but passionate kiss Lijah placed on his boyfriend’s lips. Elijah nibbled his way up Dom’s adorably crooked jaw and then to his ears, which never failed to turn the American on.
Dom felt a slight buzzing on his skin and he tried to decipher what Lij was saying. When Elijah reached his ears, Dom heard his boyfriend whispering passionately, “I’m just your man for the night, just until morning’s first light. Even though things feel so right, I’m just your man for the night.”
Dom chuckled, “been listening to the benefits of doubt again?”
At the band’s name, Lij ground down onto his boyfriend.
Dom’s laugh reverberated throughout his chest. He knew Elijah loved him but he also knew that his boyfriend had a bit of a crush on Ben, the blonde half of the Canadian duo. After all, blondes were irresistible—not that Dom was biased or anything.
All thoughts of the band flew out of his head as Elijah tugged Dom’s clothes off. The only thought in his mind was how good it felt to have the American’s mouth on his body. As Elijah’s mouth moved down Dom’s chest, licking and nibbling at the heated skin, Dom groaned and surrendered to the desire spiralling throughout his body.

Later as they were lying on the couch and falling asleep, despite their sticky, sweaty condition, Dom pressed a kiss to his boyfriend’s hair.
“Mmm?” was the tired but sated reply.
“I love you.”
“I love you, too, Dommie.”
Dom nuzzled the kitty hair he loved so much, “you’re more than my man for the night, Lij.”
A slow smile crossed Elijah’s sleepy face as he heard his lover’s fervently whispered comment.

© CKN 2004
Tags: dm/ew, lotr
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